Cranleigh Foundation

During the last 150 years, from its beginnings as the ‘Surrey County School’, Cranleigh has continued to evolve, adapt and develop: it has been the ability of the School to do this which has helped us to provide such an outstanding educational environment. As we start to formalise our plans to mark the 150th anniversary of its Foundation in 2015, we are already looking forward to the next 150 years. We hope that Old Cranleighans and other supporters of Cranleigh will join us in celebrating the School’s many achievements and, more importantly, consider supporting the School and its pupils in the future, maintaining the extraordinary loyalty that we have always attracted, not only from its pupils, past and present, but from the local community.

Why We Need Your Help
The aim of the Foundation is two fold:

  • to support Foundationer pupils who have lost the support of one or both parents through exceptional or tragic circumstances.
  • to build an endowment fund over the coming decades to secure and underwrite the future of the school in uncertain times ahead.

The Cranleigh Foundation is in its infancy but by 2020 it would like to be supporting at least 14 Foundationers from the age of 11 up to 18.  Although some parents might be in a position to make a financial contribution towards their child’s education, most will not, and the Foundation needs to build its funds on the assumption that it will be totally supporting all Foundationers.


Mrs Chris Allison
Executive Foundation Director
Foundation Office: 01483 542077

"The Foundation stepped in to help my daughter at what was a very difficult time in her life. She realises how lucky she is and that without their support, and the School’s, she would not have succeeded as she has done."